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Modern Tactics 4 Released

2011-03-04 01:35:18 by lautan

Modern Tactics 4 has just been released on Throw the Project. Its a new strategy game will awsome RPG elements. Check it out.

Modern Tactics 4 Released

Modern Tactics 4 Open Beta

2008-09-27 03:11:48 by lautan

I've released the Modern Tactics Online beta on my site, here. The game is completely open to anyone, so you can start playing right now. The full game won't be released for a while because I want to get all the bugs worked out.

If you find any glitches or find any problems please contact me.

Modern Tactics 4 Open Beta

Modern Tacitcs Online

2008-09-18 19:18:13 by lautan

For those of you who don't know. I have been working on an online version of Modern Tactics for some months now and its almost complete (The beta aways). I'm planning on releasing the open beta on my site this weekend or sometime next week. If you enjoy the mt series you should definitely check this out. The graphics, interface and some game mechanics have been redone.

Obviously the biggest addition is online multiplayer (Theres no story mode, or free mode in this game) and its going to be really awsome. I know there are lots of hardcore MT fans seeking a challenge and this is that challenge. The game will continuously get updates every month or so with new guns, abilities, outfits, maps etc. I should add the beta right now is very limited in content right now but I will be adding lots of new stuff soon.

You can get more info on MTO (Modern Tactics Online) here.

Modern Tacitcs Online

Modern Tactics 3 Released

2008-06-27 16:05:12 by lautan

Modern Tactics 3 is released you can play it on my website, or at addicting games. It'll only be on these two websites for the whole week, it'll be on newgrounds around july 3rd. You should check out the game now. Every glitch has been fixed and its definitly worth a play.

Enjoy the game and tell me what you think on the TTP forum.

MT3 Releasing Next Friday

2008-06-19 17:11:42 by lautan

Modern Tactics 3 is going to be released only on my website and next friday. MT3 is a unique tactical-rpg game. Where you custimize and commend a squad to kill terrorists. You should probably check out Modern Tactics 2 if you've never heard of it.

This game is going to own. Everything has been improved. The custimization is better, the level design is better and over all the AI with kill you many times.

The game has 23 missions to play through with 3 boss battles.

Modern Tactics 2 maps are compatible with MT3 so you could make some maps to play on when the game releases.

MT3 Releasing Next Friday

Beta Test Modern Tactics 3

2008-05-14 12:43:21 by lautan

I'm working on MT3 right now and i've just finished the engine. Beta testing won't start for a while, at least a week. I want to get everyone down now ahead of time. I just have to finish all the maps, the AI, and multiplayer. Beta testing will probably start when most of the AI and maps are done.

So the whole point of beta testing is to make sure the game is balanced, story mode is challenging enough and the AI is smart enough.

If you haven't heard anything about MT3. Check out my website because theres too many changes to list here.

I only have 8 spots left. I want people that will give me a lot of feedback. But generally I accept everyone. You can send me a pm or email me. To the people that wanted me to contact them when I start beta testing your going to have to email me again. I get a lot of emails and I can't remember everyone.

Edit: Beta testing is full. Sorry guys.

MT2 Beta test is over

2008-04-05 14:27:31 by lautan

Beta testing is over. Modern Tactics 2 will be released wednesday april 9, only on my site. A couple days after it'll be released on other websites.

Modern Tactics 2 has been beta tested for days and all glitches have been fixed, but there might be a small rare glitch somewhere.

Here are the features:

Shareable maps (You can send maps to people)
15 mission story mode
Better AI
10 free mode maps
2 new game modes
10 new weapons and new abilities
Custimize the look of your squad

I've worked very hard on this game. You won't be disappointed.

Beta Test Modern Tactics 2

2008-03-29 23:50:13 by lautan

Beta testing for Modern Tactics 2 is now open. Send me a message or post here. I'll send you a link to play. I only request you send me your feedback when you're finished playing. Tell me the glitches you found, things you liked, things you want changed. *Something to remember story mode and multiplayer is not finished yet, so don't tell me it doesn't work*

I'm adding something interesting this time. Beta testers can make shareable maps for the game. Which means you can copy the share code from your custom made maps and send it to people, so they can play the map. Send the share code to me with your feedback (These maps won't be in the game its self). Just a side note, players will be able to do this in the finished game.

I've added a ton of new stuff and have worked hard on this game. I hope you enjoy it.

Beta Test Modern Tactics 2

Modern Tactics Releases Tomorrow

2008-02-13 19:27:40 by lautan

Modern Tactics will be released tomorrow. I don't know what else to say. The rotational map was a pain but I did it! May I say a rotational map has never been put into a flash game before?

The game has been beta tested for a couple days and all the glitches have been fixed. but of course there will be that one glitch.

This game isn't anything like knight tactics. Everything is completely original and was thought up by me. I'm going to be shocked if an other ftt fan boy tells me I copied fft.

So make sure you'll be on the look out for the game and hopefully you'll give it a nice score.

Modern Tactics Releases Tomorrow

Modern Tactics my next project

2008-01-05 14:18:46 by lautan

So my new project is Modern Tactics. I don't feel like explaining the whole game again so i'll just copy this paragraph from my website. Of course this is a tactical-RPG, kind of like knight tactics but greatly improved thanks to user feedback.

Command your squad to victory using modern technology. Fully custimize your squad to your liking to make endless tactics.

Features include rotational map, A* pathfinding, free mode, story mode, multiplayer, editor and more. Players can choose either real-time play or turn-based play. Players can have a team size 1 to 10.

Brand new objectives, search and destroy, headquarters, team captain and more. Gameplay is much faster, units move faster, hotkeys for everything and less clicking more action. Units respawn and regenerate health but have very little max heath. Every team has a commander, a strong unit that does not respawn.

As your commander ranks up you unlock new stuff. You can fully custimize your soldiers such as, two weapons, weapon attachments, grenades, bonus stat and ability.

I will need 20 beta testers to play test not only the game but the multiplayer too.

Modern Tactics my next project