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Modern Tactics 4 Released

2011-03-04 01:35:18 by lautan

Modern Tactics 4 has just been released on Throw the Project. Its a new strategy game will awsome RPG elements. Check it out.

Modern Tactics 4 Released


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2011-03-04 09:16:20

fun game, but mission 5 is a dick.
in the worst possible way


2011-03-04 09:22:13

Really good game.
Very strategic gameplay.
Weapon sounds was nice too.
You could use some classes, like, Commando Scout, Sniper, and Machinegunner.

Hurry to post it on Newgrounds.
It will get great scores.


2011-03-04 17:41:49

Good gameplay, but soooooo sloooooow. The screens at the beginning and end of every mission go on for five times as long as they should.


2011-08-13 13:48:49

phew, you didn't forgot NG